Creating A Fun Art Area For Your Childcare Center

Children love to be creative and have fun, particularly in their younger years. If you currently teach young children and want to foster their love for art and being creative, designating a special space for them to make their own artwork is a wonderful way to enhance the experience. Here are some tips to help you design a special place at your childcare center where kids can have fun, learn, and make some wonderful art to take home to their parents.

Choosing A Space

Try to set up an art space near a sunny window. This will give the children plenty of natural light, and it can inspire them as they gaze out of the window while painting or drawing. Make sure you designate a place where there's a hard floor so messes can easily be cleaned up, since carpeting will absorb paint and marker stains. You can also hold special art classes outside on days when it's warm and comfortable.

Stock Up

Since children love to try out a variety of different things, stock up on your art supplies. Buy items like construction paper, crayons, watercolor paints, washable markers, and paint brushes. If you want to teach kids to do some crafts, buy items like beads, sequins, clay, and glitter. It's also fun to bring in seasonal mediums like acorns, pine cones and leaves so the children can work on special seasonally-themed projects as well. Children love variety, so have plenty of different items on hand at all times. This will make the experience a lot of fun and you'll enjoy seeing what they come up with.


When you're working on art projects, make sure there is plenty of seating and table space for everyone. Or, kids can lie on the floor and draw if they choose. Art easels are a fun way for children to work on their paintings and drawings and it helps them keep their paper in place as they doodle. Make sure the furniture in the room can easily be wiped clean, and ensure that you can get dirty paint brushes, cups, and other items to a nearby sink when everyone is finished. Storage is another important factor since you don't want little hands getting into things when they shouldn't. A locking cabinet is an ideal way to keep art materials safely stored, or you can place them in a high cabinet area where kids can't reach. With a little bit of creativity, you can make a wonderful place in your childcare center where kids will enjoy making beautiful pieces of art. 

For more information and tips, consider talking with another child care center, such as D & J Educational Inc, and sharing ideas.