Ways You Can Increase Your Child's Popularity At Their Care Center

Popularity is something that we all worry about, and it is something that can be rough to handle in a child care center. There will be a variety of personality types your child will have to understand and with whom they must integrate. The best way to assure that your child fits in with as many as possible is to perform a few simple steps.

Teaching Them To Share Before Hand

Children who don't know how to share are going to end up making a lot of enemies at a child care center. That's why you need to teach them how to share early in life by helping them understand that sharing isn't giving up their belongings forever. You have to encourage them to make the choice to share and to help them understand the benefits.

One simple way that you can do that is with this exercise. When playing with your child, give them a toy that is pretty nice, but not as nice as the one you use. While you are playing, ask them if you can play with their toy and let them know you will give them the toy you're using. Exchange the toys and continue playing.

Now, the next time you're playing, simply ask them for the toy which they have, telling them they can play with any other toy in the house. They will likely willing give up the toy to choose another. Eventually, you can work them to a point where they share their toy with you for no material reward, a skill that will make them very popular.

Help Them Develop A Sense Of Humor

Humor is an important part of our lives, and helping your child develop humor is a great way to make them popular. The best way to do this is to watch comedies with them regularly, tell them silly jokes, and encourage them to laugh. They will learn about humor from your example, so make sure to use a lot of (kid friendly) humor in your day-to-day life.

Your child's sense of humor is likely to be a bit simpler than yours. For example, they may find things like a dog with sunglasses funnier than a joke with a punchline. They may also find exaggerations and other simple jokes funny. Help them find a humor style that works for them and laugh at their humor attempts to encourage them.

For assistance, talk to the child care center to get their input.