Everything You Need To Know About Summer Camp Programs

If you never had the opportunity to go to summer camp as a child, choosing one for your own child can be overwhelming. Here's what you need to know about types of summer camp programs so that you can make an informed decision about what's best for your child to maximize their summer fun. 

Are There Different Types of Summer Camps?

There are two main types of summer camps for kids and teens: day camps and overnight camps.

Day Camps

The first type of summer camp program is the day camp. Day camps are held typically held Monday through Friday during work hours. Some day camps may offer extended hours for an additional fee, while others may run on a Saturday. Various organizations offer day camps, from local community centers and scouting groups to museums and nature centers. Some day camps offer typical summer activities, like swimming, hiking, and sports, while others focus on a unique theme, like computer gaming or horseback riding.

Overnight Camps

The second type of summer camp program is the overnight camp, sometimes called sleep-away camp. Overnight camps typically include all meals and lodging. Children will stay in cabins, tents, or even college dormitories with other campers their age and participate in activities such as swimming, boating, arts and crafts, and hikes. Like day camps, overnight camps can focus on summer activities or one specific activity, depending on what your child enjoys. Overnight camps are geared towards older children, but many camps have 'try it' programs where younger children spend just one or two nights at a sleep-away camp.

What Types of Specialty Programming Is Available at Summer Camp?

Many camps cater to children with specific interests such as sports, theater, music, dance, or computer programming. These camps typically last from one week to all summer and include activities related to the specialty. For example, a theater camp might put on a play at the end of the session, while a music camp might hold a concert featuring all of the participants. Some programs simply require a desire to learn, while others have auditions for acceptance and placement.

There are many different types of summer camp programs out there to choose from based on the needs and summer plans you have for your child as well as your budget. Now that you know a little bit more about each type of program, you can start looking for the perfect fit for your child!